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With summer beginning to change into fall, the Teddiursas are beginning to come out in huge populations to try and eat all they can before winter. Be warned, although being cute, Teddiursas are still wild animals and are very, very hungry this time of year. Their behavior is likely aggressive.

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Chasing Our Spirits latest news: Moderator Search #3
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No New Posts The News Board

Important announcements about the site, changes, updates and events will be posted here.

Subforums: Chapter Book, Red's Blessing

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20 21 Nov 1 2012, 03:05 PM
In: Last PostModerator Search #3
By: Thief
Questions and Suggestions

Have a question for us? Maybe you have a suggestion to improve the site? Post it here.

Forum Led by: Moderator
7 9 Jul 3 2014, 02:30 PM
In: Last PostPortrait Professional 11 Fr...
By: freesha
No New Posts The Informational Handbook

Located here is information to get you started at Chasing Our Spirits, including the plot summary, rules, newbie guide and images used throughout the forums.

Subforums: The Wiki

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10 8 Sep 8 2012, 09:57 PM
In: Last PostGym Leader Worksheet
By: Chesha
The Smeargle's Smear Newspaper

A newspaper handed out throughout all of Alleos, one section in particular lists the Help Wanted ads, or Quests. Post in here if you want to participate in a quest!

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11 7 Oct 28 2012, 11:15 PM
In: Last PostObnoxious Bidoof
By: Colin Higgs

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No New Posts The Chase

This is where adventures begin, and spirits are born. Inside here you'll find character applications and it's also where you'll post it up for approval.

Subforums: Character Adoption

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4 17 Jan 15 2013, 02:55 PM
In: Last PostTesting Something
By: Thief
No New Posts Accepted Characters

This is where characters are moved when they are accepted. It also contains access to their PC, where they can store Pokemon and items.

Subforums: Character Wanted Ads, Plot Pages, Spirit Pages

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76 114 Nov 3 2012, 06:05 PM
In: Last PostBlack Schrodinger
By: Schrodinger
No New Posts The Archives

All left unfinished and finished adventures will go here, feel free to browse!

Subforums: Foxglove's PC, Inactive Characters

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101 383 Oct 8 2012, 12:30 AM
In: Last PostAdopt! Bold Sandshrew
By: Cheeze

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No New Posts The Market

Are you looking for a new Pokemon to be bred or adopted? Want to buy something? Head here!

Subforums: Adoption Society, Alleos Breeder Network

15 7 Nov 1 2012, 04:14 AM
In: Last PostAdopt! Rash Ekans
By: Glen Bourrée
No New Posts The Dream World

Professors have long tried to study this mystical world but they haven't found out much about it. This is a place where everyone goes when they dream, Pokemon, Pokemorphs and Humans, all are equal here. There is no aggression here, just a land of dreams.

Subforums: Abandoned Mines, Rolling Grasslands, Proving Grounds, Deserted Power Plant, Suicune Caves, Mountain Peak

4 79 Nov 5 2012, 08:37 PM
In: Last PostThe Dream World
By: Glen Bourrée

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No New Posts Littlelight Town
A small port town with no support for Pokemon what so ever, the people of Littlelight are nearly constantly attacked by wild Pokemon due to lack of protection. They are almost completely surrounded by ocean, and the ground is very marsh-like and forested.
Wiki Entry

Subforums: Route 1, Wake Manor, The Docks, Marshstomp Pond

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10 142 Oct 30 2012, 08:51 PM
In: Last PostThe Rich meet The Scientist...
By: Gabrielle Vogel
No New Posts West Colony
A small town just beginning west of Littlelight, West Colony is mostly unpacked boxes and construction work right now. There are a few houses and a road is just starting, but it's mostly just people working and the trainers assigned to protect them and the colony. They could always use more help, and welcome trainers with open arms.
Wiki Entry

Subforums: Bright Pass

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No New Posts Dryleaf Village
A village defined by the tall, spiraling tree in the center that reaches up high into the sky. Thick trees surround the village, and there are no concrete pathways here, only finely treaded dirt. The people here are mostly farmers and live in harmony with the Bug-type Pokemon that live inside the tree.
Wiki Entry

Subforums: The Whistling Tree, Route 2, Route 3

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1 65 Oct 31 2012, 09:02 PM
In: Last PostFind The Thief [Open] [QUEST]
By: Kai Shinigami
No New Posts Orion City
The closest thing Alleos has to a regular urban city, Orion is relatively normal, with tall buildings, concrete sidewalks and a gym. They have nearly eliminated all forms of the wild in the city, no houses have yards and parks are the only source of grass and trees.
They are still recovering from an attack by a large Gyarados several years ago that killed the former gym leader. Ever since then, the lake has been blocked off.

Subforums: Green Lake, Route 4, Route 5, Route 6

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No New Posts Aura City
Well known as the city that's built into a mountain, Aura City is a source of many Aura users. While there is a very popular breeding company here that people frequently order from, Lucarios are their most common breed due to the large populace of Aura users. A gym is here as well, and the town takes pride in it.

Subforums: The Breeding Center, Green Hill

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6 55 Oct 19 2012, 09:19 PM
In: Last PostOnce Upon a Time [Open] [Ev...
By: Hitomi Tasogare
No New Posts Griffons Hollow
Named after the man who found it, Griffon Monado, this town is built like a seaside town, but inside a crystalline cave. In the center is a statue of Griffon and his Manectric, who are involved in an offering festival once a year. Electrikes are common around here and even most of them run wild in the streets, though they are tame.

Subforums: Mining Factory, Route 7

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2 35 Oct 25 2012, 01:19 PM
In: Last PostWalk with me [Open] [Event]
By: Arcade Quincy
No New Posts Levia Town
Another small port town, something common in Alleos, Levia Town is founded above a swamp where the tides sweep in and keep the swamps fresh. The town is up on stilts but also seems to have something of a roof over the entire town. The town believes that a mythical serpent protects them and that the swamp is part of it's blessing.

Subforums: Swamp

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No New Posts Redwave Town
The downtown of all towns. This place was originally planned to be a Prison Island, but is now a mess and is filled with apartments. There are many criminals still living here and crime is a high, But there is a sense of brotherhood here. All the criminals that live on this island all ban together much like a disjointed family. Outsiders are not usually welcome, but they are very open to the idea of bribes. The Black Market is centralised here. This downtown is undesired to the public, and is often forgotten about. Closely affiliated with Dryleaf Village – they are town that have no rules, no curfew and no authority. It’s the battle of the fittest here, and illegal Pokemon Fights are run underground.

Subforums: Black Market, Golden Glameow's Palace

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2 15 Jul 2 2014, 02:06 AM
In: Last PostMeenakshi Sheshadri Nude Ph...
By: latgenti
No New Posts Wanderer's Edge
An abandoned town. It is not known as to why this town was abandoned and empty, but there is also a graveyard at the edge of the town – towards the ocean. The town is fully furnished and still seems to have fresh food. The town is split into two sides, much like a town in the desert of cowboys. On the left is a motel with a creaky door and on the right is a police station with the upstairs lights on. There is a lighthouse behind the graveyard.

Subforums: Graveyard, Lighthouse, Route 10

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3 12 Jul 1 2014, 11:50 PM
In: Last PostHansika Motwani Ki Bf
By: lauelb
Blueburn City Ruins
Once a bustling and thriving city that was safe from all Pokemon, it was considered the most peaceful city to live and no one really left. You had no reason to – everything you could ever need was here. It was told that they could not protect themselves from what people call ‘Legendary’ Pokemon and it was told that all the residents of Blueburn City perished in a wave of red. All that remains are petrified buildings and ash that has failed to be blown away.

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1 0 Jul 2 2014, 04:48 PM
In: Last PostSOD Izumi Hasegawa ?? Spec...
By: herbecha

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No New Posts Hero Falls
A condensed city that sits atop a high perched peak, overlooking the waterfalls and the giant water basin below. Legend in fairy tales say that this was where the hero Red made his last stand before jumping into the basin, never to be seen again. The town holds a lot of eager young trainers who want to be just like Red, but Pokemon tend to avoid the place.

Subforums: Waterfall, Route 14

Forum Led by: Moderator
1 23 Oct 27 2012, 03:42 PM
In: Last PostWatch Your Step! [Gabrielle...
By: Schrodinger
No New Posts Norn City
An isolated city which is divided into three districts. There is the business district, the leisure district and the residential district. In the center of town is a large town square with a tall clock tower overseeing all 3 districts and can be seen from anywhere within Norn City. The areas around this city are considered to be quite dusty and barren.

Subforums: Clocktower, Town Square, District One, District Two, District Three

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No New Posts Zanzer Hill
A relatively well established settlement living at the top of a lush hill. With a coastal view and the hilly terrain, this place has grown to be known as a Farming Location. The soil is rich with nutrients which is an attraction for many grass types. Due to this, many farmers who live here are often armed with special pitchforks to ward off the Pokemon. This town is also the only way to get to Levia Town.

Subforums: Farmlands, Route 8, Route 9

Forum Led by: Moderator
3 9 Nov 2 2012, 03:41 PM
In: Last PostPest Control
By: Shelly Stuart
No New Posts New Blueburn City
In honour of the Blueburn Ruins, a statue has been erected depicting the ‘legendary’ pokemon who destroyed city, in memory of all those perished. The statue represents the hate of those who live here and is served as a reminder to never forget and to remember the hated Pokemon. People here are very spirited and lively, often holding dangerous events such as ‘The Running of the Tauros’ and the highly acclaimed ‘Trial of Legends’. There are never many challengers to the ‘Trial of Legends’, but they are generally held once every couple months. Wiki Entry

Subforums: Main Street, Route 12, Pallet University

Forum Led by: Moderator
3 28 Nov 9 2012, 12:32 AM
In: Last PostThe Masquerade
By: Colin Higgs
No New Posts Discord Plains
A craggy terrain which zig-zags up to the top of the mountain. At the base of the mountain, the plains are covered completely with silver grass, which rustles with the wind peacefully. The higher you climb, the more ragged the terrain gets. Towards the peak of the mountain, there are geysers that burst without warning, and at the very peak you are rewarded with a hot spring. There is a very tiny town there that manages the hot spring and the hotel there.

Subforums: Hot Spring, Route 13

Forum Led by: Moderator
1 6 Oct 19 2012, 04:28 PM
In: Last PostHerpa Derpa Ellie. [EVENT]
By: Elliot SinClaire
No New Posts Freefall Forest
A thick, lush forest which seems quite prehistoric. It is overgrown with overly large plants. Freefall forest has lots of hidden paths and turns, you could easily get lost if you take the wrong turn. At the entrance of Freefall Forest, travelers have left a message on a large boulder for any future travelers. It simply says “Do Not Enter. Labyrinth.”
If you happen to enter, the forest is filled with large insects and sweltering humidity. Proceed with caution.

Subforums: Labyrinth, Route 11

Forum Led by: Moderator
1 19 Oct 29 2012, 05:48 PM
In: Last PostNo Place Like Home? [Event]...
By: Schrodinger
No New Posts King's Pass
A complex set of catacombs to test only the strongest trainers in both physical and mental capacities. There is a hidden waterfall deep within its depths. If you manage to emerge from King's Pass, you will find yourself at the Ivory League.

Subforums: Ivory League

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In: ----

Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
No New Posts General Chat

A place to talk in general about things, mostly any topic, as long as it doesn't start a flame war.

Subforums: Introductions

Forum Led by: Moderator
14 29 Jun 5 2014, 10:12 PM
In: Last PostPower DVD Rip Studio V1.1.7...
By: kerrqui
No New Posts The Lounge

Going away for a while? Need some help developing a character? This is the board to post in!
Please let us know if you're going away for a while, or if you can't get that character quite right!
Guest friendly!

Subforums: Development Area

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5 0 Jul 3 2014, 01:57 AM
In: Last PostTitling Gothic Font Free
By: manvrande
No New Posts You Teach Me And I'll Teach You

Looking to link your advertisement here? Look no further! Post your advertisement here in the correct form, but please don't post any pornography.
Guest friendly!

Subforums: Champions, Novices, Gotta Catch 'em All!

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729 4 Aug 15 2014, 01:44 AM
In: Last PostDalibor Weyr
By: Ruin

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